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For more info on "Solid Ground" visit Goat in a Boat Productions by clicking the picture link.

Goat in a Boat Productions.
It's a J-pop Christmas youtube link
Click the above pic to view the Cattastrophic Pictures film "It's a J-pop Christmas" on YouTube! Filmed in both Macon and Haddock, GA. as well as Tokyo, Kamakura and other locations in Japan! Enjoy the film and read more about how it was made by scrolling down this page.

MaconFilms NEWS

 Film Flam was Anthony B. Harris' and Catt Gunter's shared article in Macon Food & Culture Magazine. The Magazine is no longer in circulation but click the image to view some of these Film Flam favorites.

The makers of "Scene Stealers" bring their unique view of cinema to the pages of "M Food & Culture Magazine" with "Film Flam."

It's a J-pop Christmas AKA Ezawa Project is a Holiday theme J-Pop Sci-fi has been three years in the making. Back when Anthony B. Harris and I were producing the public access show "Scene Stealers" I was planning to shoot my segment of our seventh episode at AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) Anthony was planning to interview a friend of ours Mitchell Brinkely III who was along with Ant an extra in the then current film "The Fighting Temptations" so I decided to have an interview of my own.

I emailed voice talent Amy Howard Wilson who many of us know was the voice of Nova from Star Blazers. The English and somewhat Americanized version of Uchuu Senkan Yamato the Anime which many may consider the Japanese Star Trek in cultural influence and popularity.

visit Amy's site
As the episode was planned out my segment was running short on time so even as Amy had agreed to the interview over the net I would only have a five minute slot in which to place an interview. Not enough time for one of the first American Japanimation icons. Also at that time I was planning to film a Japanese influenced Christmas tale with a Twilight Zone/Evangelion feel.

I had not completed the story but I knew I was going to have a spirit or angelic character giving a main character some inspiring words at some desperate juncture in the plot. I met with Amy and her husband David G. Wilson, III a few weeks after our initial email conversation at AWA. There she agreed to read for "Ezawa Project". She was very kind and professional even to an independent filmmaker like myself.

She read the lines I had to quickly jot down onto a hotel note pad realizing I failed to bring what script I had at that early point in my writtings for the film. Yes, that did get a laugh out of her but any of my fellow anime fans who have met Amy knows she is a very down to Earth gal. Now that I had my first recorded work for this new film I had to finish the script and get the rest on film. One good thing about co-producing "Scene Stealers" was finding other local talented people who enjoyed working on stage and film.

I bet each episode had a budget of about ten bucks. It was amazing how much we were all able to accomplish. Ant and I had both worked community theater so we knew actors,costumers,prop masters, musicians and the like and once our first episode aired and featured on the credits more people contacted us and wanted to take part. Scene Stealers was a movie critic show which featured "clips" from the films reviewed which were our own reenactments or parody.

"Scene Stealers picture montage from The Macon Telegraph" Three months in and the Macon Telegraph joined one of our shoots and put our fourth episode on the front page of the paper! Then people really came out to be apart of this silly funfilled show lead by two of "Macon's Eccentrics" as the E11eventh Hour local news magazine would say as we were featured on their front page.
"Anthony B. Harris & Catt Gunter grace the E11event Hour front page"
When I began to cast for "Ezawa Project" I already had Amy Howard Wilson's voice so I cast the very enchanting local model Sylvia Boykin who I met through Sabrina Sikora's agent to play the physical form of the "Angel". The audio of Amy and the video of Sylvia has worked so well together and is one of my favorite segments of the film so far.
"A couple headshots of Sylvia Boykin"
I filmed her scenes Christmas of 2005 in downtown Macon, GA. where the city's lights and decore was in many places demanding to be put on film. Some say it may suck to live there but it looks very good on camera and Sylvia was a joy to work with.

Model/Actress Kelly Wilson (no relation to Amy's in-laws) plays the part of a young cosplayer and video game fanatic.

Kelly Wilson's youtube link
"Kelly Wilson poses as Ezawa Project characters. Click this pic to visit her YouTube channel"
I think I will always have a part for this lovely girl who always does her best to "get out there" as she continues to find more and more work in television and film. I have no dought that one day she will become a house hold name.

Then there is my fellow fanboy otaku David Hunter who is without a dought not your typical American black man. David is one of life's true "fictional characters made real" when people see the finished film they may say "he is a great actor" but most of it is the true David Hunter.

"I was not present when the above shot was taken but with the unreal ability David has of becoming a chick magnet at the conventions we go to I have no doubt this photo was done because the girl wanted to have her picture taken with him."
I am very thankfull that long time friend Jason Virus is able to score the "Ezawa Project".

"After Jason Virus was shot in front of Elizabeth Reed's Music Hall (his business at the time) buy some black guy who believed the reason for Jason not allowing him to enter the club was based on race and not the fact the club had been closed for almost an hour like every other bar/club in Macon is after 2:00am. Jason walked into the club entrance and collapsed where his employees struggled to keep him from bleeding to death as the Med Center quickly responded. Before his brother cleaned up the blood I took this picture knowing Jason would want it."
I love music but have no talent for it so long time friend Jason Virus has composed what I plan to use as the main theme and once the film had been edited he plans to score the film with more music which he has already finished which will all be original to "Ezawa Project" With most of the film recorded and all the talented people who have been helping me the most money spent so far went to my new Hi-Definition video camera and my round trip ticket to Japan where fellow otaku Evan Jones will be helping me film the scenes in Harajuku, Daiba, Akihabara Tokyo and Kamakura.

The "Ezawa Project" is a J-pop inspired Sci-fi film but the story takes place during Christmas so the scenes I shot outside were done during the Christmas season. This is one reason I have spent a couple of years filming so lucky for me my job gives me a two week vacation for the holidays so I can complete the continuity and film in Japan during Christmas as well. This will be my first Christmas in Japan. I hope to have "Ezawa Project" edited and finished by March 2007 look for more updates from me Catt Gunter at Present: The film was completed in 2007.

"Catt Gunter in costume as an Ezawa Project character takes time out from filming seen here across the street in front of Fuji T.V. Headquarters to pose with a picture of a kitty"
Well Evan Jones and I spent Christmas 2006 in Japan where we captured some very satisfying footage for "Ezawa Project" and you may wonder if the Japanese decorate for Christmas. The answer is "Oh God yes" The most impressive sight I saw was the Fuji T.V. building at night and yes you will see some of that footage in "Ezawa Project" I also want to remind or notify you all that the "Tokyo Big Sight" is the location where the largest video game conventions on Earth are held so keep this fact in mind when you see the film.
I also managed to get a cool scene done at the Kencho-Ji Temple in Kamakura. Please bear with me as I begin the fun process of editing.
"Evan takes a break from filming in Harajuku and struggles not to be so shy"
This shot itself is not in the film but look for these girls and some of the other outlandishly clad kids as well as a hidden cameo of Evan himself from the footage we got in Harajuku in "Ezawa Project".
"Mostly fun"

Continue to check back here at for the latest info on "It's a J-pop Christmas".

"Evan poses for what he should use for his new album cover."

Wild Bill Peacock

Below is an add for Scene Stealers and Tomato Time, both shows are no longer on air but for posterity sake I will leave it up.

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